Adella Tattoo

My brother asked me to draw up a tattoo for him of my Nieces name. At first I was struggling bad. I drew about ten A’s and tried a concept of flipping the A backwards to match on both sides but none of that looked right. Finally I went to the coffee shop that I go to to really concentrate. It’s funny, I’ve done some of my favorite pieces sitting at the table in that coffee shop. Headphones in ready to work, no distractions. Well other than the violin class that came in to practice at the coffee shop (but that’s a whole different story) finally I text my buddy Craig to ask for his assistance on leaf script (he is the person who is actually doing the tattoo) then it hit me, right after I sent the text. I knew what to do. Here’s what I came up with.

Original sketch

Cleaned up rendering:

With Shadows and shading:

First Black outline:

Final rendering:

I decided to take away the stuff on the top left of the A. It looks better clean up there.

I sent my brother a picture of it and he really likes it. Can’t wait for the day trip to Portland so he can get it done. I also get to see my Sketchbook on the Sketchbook tour while it’s in Portland. Jea !


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4 thoughts on “Adella Tattoo

  1. flat black on said:

    So dope!

  2. MelIssa on said:

    You=amazing!! Muah!!

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