My Artwork

I added some photos of more recent work. 8-16-12

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8 thoughts on “My Artwork

  1. I love it all…where did you get your talent?

    Love ,

  2. Steven Strong on said:

    I ran into your art in west seattle at the coffee shop – very cool stuff.

  3. Kara Koziarz on said:

    Dear Mr. Brooks,

    My better half and I were at Proletariat Pizza recently and saw your stuff for the first time. He saw even more of it than I did but I was entranced and kept trying to see everybody in there. We LOVE it! Thank you for being able to make weird and interesting stuff, both what’s in it and how it’s done. Keep doing it!

    Kara Koziarz

    • Thank you Kara ! It makes me happy to know that my strange characters are out there making people’s days a little more interesting. Oh and you chose the right place for Pizza. I love Proletariat Pizza! It’s soooo good! Hopefully you left with a smile because the Pizza was amazing and my characters made you happy. Take care.


  4. Pat Westbrook on said:

    The faces themed pieces are very thougth provoking, interesting and eye catching, the glaze effect draws me in..I want to look but also want to turn away because the emotions are so real. My preferende is to gaze quietly at the muted tones and colors of the abstracts. There is a variety here for each type of viewing opportunity. I first saw your face pieces at and I’m glad to have dived into your web display for more. keep on keepin’ on Joe.

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